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  • Wednesday, Jun 3, 2015

Around 1.5 Million engineers graduate every year in India but yet there is a high shortage of developers. It takes companies 4-5 month on an average to fill their technologist positions. Such is a dearth of right skilled developers that out of desperation companies have resorted to wrong means and landed in law suites.The problem of right skills extends to developer world as well where there is a palpable sense of loss. Most of developers struggle to identify and build right skills. The explosion and hype around certain technologies has made the situation worse. How much are you hearing about “big data” and “IOT” these dates?

Most of the companies look for complete profiles like, data engineer, data scientist, enterprise Architect, creative technologist etc. whereas we developers perceive technology as our profile and identity e.g. Net, java or front end developer.

At GIDS Bangalore 2015 which is one of the Asia largest developer event, we decided to help developers elevate the thought process and conversation from technology identity to meaningful profile through an interactive installation-XT stone. Meaningful profiles refers to relevant profiles which industries are looking for and makes a developer HOT.    


XT Stone functionally advocated SapientNitro’s Stand towards XT which was also the theme for the sessions presented by us at GIDS. XT STONE enabled the conference attendees coming from various technology backgrounds to explore emerging trends, profiles, inspirations and growth opportunities under the XT domain.XT Stone offers multiple frames to think about ones profile and aspiration. for e.g.
I am Net/Java/front end developer and what skills i need to learn to become a big data developer.?
What skills a creative technologist or an enterprise architect has?
What skills do i need to become an eXperience technologist?

What are the trends and hot profiles these days?Developer can start from any of the frame and XT stone will help them reach a meaningful profile. To make it playful XT Stone captures the emotion and provides visual clues in form of light and sound to help complete the journey. Ones a profile is ready one can take a print out of their journey.

XT stone epitomizes wonderful amalgamation of physical and digital world. The front end was a wooden capacitive touch interface to give the multi sensory experience of touch-The little roughness on the surface, Smell of polished wood; It captures user selections and emotions with sensors and computer vision, Machine learning is used to analyze the data and human emotions finally using Sound and Light as output.

XT Stone BEhind

What is your Profile!!