Play Reimagine_ Technology can bring Art to Life

  • Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Photo Credits: Technology can bring Art to Life - sailor mercury

Let’s Play! Even in the most stressful environment, the moment we listen or read this phrase, the thoughts in our mind change completely. Suddenly, our mind relaxes and we experience feelings of fun and excitement. Research have shown that we as humans are very curious and love playing and exploring.

Other common phrases which we have heard are “I have a gut feeling” or “I have got an intuition”. This “gut” feeling, this “intuition” which we talk about is nothing but our experience. The more we experience the more accurate our guts become. Our brain records everything and each experience refines the information in our brain. Brain also keeps certain amount of information in cache for easy retrieval. At some point in time all of us have had that moment, when we try to remember something and are just unable to recall, but suddenly after few hours we have the answer on our lips. This is because we don’t use that information on daily basis and hence our brain didn’t find it important enough to keep it in cache.

Play helps us increase our intuition, it helps increase our so called “Brain cache”. This is because the more we experience certain things, we keep exploring, the more our brain tries to keep things in cache. It is all about giving brain more information to work with.

I am sure by this time, a new thought had popped in your head – “Ha! all this is good for children, but we are adults”.

But NO, this is equally important for adults.

We Kepler186F believe in the “Play, Experiment, ReImagine”. Few days back our team came across an installation by Zach Lieberman. The installations was fun filled and got all of us excited. Within few minutes all of us had decided to re-create the installation with a twist. And an hour later we were playing with different technology options which could be used to get the installation working.  We did few experiments, and In the following month the installation was ready.

Below is the video of the installation

The installation is based on a simple thought – “Bring my drawings to life”. I drawn something on paper with paint brush and a color and it animates. The first reaction which we get is that it is impossible to move something drawn on paper. But here comes the magic of Image Processing, Deep Learning and Augmented Reality. The combination of these technologies helped us achieve this seamless experience. Later in the video , we see that the same tech stack is used to provide solution to a real life retail store problem.

We also set targets for ourselves. Take for e.g. I took a challenge to learn a new language and create a usable Demo in 2 months. But my procrastinating mind pushes and I end up doing nothing by end of 2 months, also backing up with an excuse of being busy with office work. But what if, I can use the same “Play, Experiment, ReImagine” and then I end up creating some cool stuff in no time, like it happened in the case of above installations.

In the end my message to everyone is that “Keep asking questions, Keep Tinkering, Experimenting and Reimagine the solutions”.