Neural Creativity

  • Thursday, Nov 10, 2016

Ever stuck in a situation when you have an idea but can’t build a story around it? Or you have a story but you are confused and want another perspective? In cases like such, what do you do? Take help from people around? But what if, no one is available or you are not able to get what you are looking for? In situation like these, when even Google can’t help, don’t you wish you had something that can help you out, and is available all the time? Something like a machine that can think?

Well, Neural Creativity is one such machine! Also known as ‘The Thinking Machine’, Neural Creativity builds a story with the help of the things that you draw. The system is driven by a deep neural network, capable of recognizing hand drawn sketches. Currently, it is pre-installed with around 300 categories. Caffe is used for learning and training purposes. The front end of the installation/system is an autonomous agent that builds a story based on the hand drawn sketch and its awareness of the surrounding.

The autonomous agent is built like a game system wherein objects/characters have pre-defined attributes e.g. man can walk, run, jump etc., a bird can fly, sit, chirp etc. Depending on the inputs (objects drawn by the user) the system connects the object actions to create unique stories.