Mirror Reimagined @ The Fifth Elephant

  • Thursday, Aug 9, 2018

Inventory visibility directly connects to the number of sales. And this is the reason recommendation systems are so successful. The more you show, the more you sell – is the mantra. But how can you have such a recommendation system for a physical setup? It has to serve the same purpose as in an e-commerce website and has to be seamless, as well. So, we envisioned a user journey. When a customer picks up some clothing item and tries to see how they would look on it in front of a mirror – by casually holding the cloth in front of them, the mirror would surprise them by showing more similar options they could purchase.

Kepler took the Reimagined Shopping Assistant a.k.a IMI to India’s best conference on big data and machine learning – The Fifth Elephant,2018. The Fifth Elephant is India’s most sought after platform where renowned practitioners share their experiences in building data driven products, the practices adopted, the challenges faced, and speak about other recent advancements in the data science domain with fellow data scientists, data engineers, analysts, and decision makers.

Crowds throng the kepler Installation

Crowd at the Sapient IMI exhibit

After a successful showcase at GIDS2018, the mirror received a great response at the Fifth Elephant, more so, as all attendees who experienced the mirror had a background in Data Sciences and Machine Learning, and hence, were able to understand and converse better regarding the nuances of the experience. Our team was able to generate extremely interesting insights which have also fueled internal discussions regarding the next steps in the development for IMI. The Sapient booth was thronged with a sea of people and it was heartening for us to see such a great reception and appreciation of all our efforts. This was also the second instance for us to showcase the cross-recommendation engine incorporated into IMI very recently and served to be an excellent platform for user testing and validation of the end-to-end journey.

People testing user journey and giving feedback.

User Testing and feedback

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Summing up our experience at The Fifth Elephant, the journey turned out to be a hit for us, as with the crowds, as it packaged together a fun user journey, some great conversations and a useful proposition for a smart future – everything that Kepler stands for. A great opportunity to interact with hundreds of brilliant minds, insightful interactions and all in all, tonnes of fun!