KEPLER Team @REI Expo 2018

  • Thursday, Oct 4, 2018

Renewable Energy India Expo is a 3 day event held at the India Expo Centre and Mart in Greater Noida, India. This event showcases products from Solar, Wind, Bio-mass/fuel, Small Hydro, Geothermal and Energy Efficiency Sectors in the Power & Energy, Power & Renewable Energy, Solar Energy industries. REI Expo intends to accelerate the growth of India’s Renewable Energy sector and contribute to the country’s sustainable economic development. The show aims to upscale and mainstream the applications of renewable energy resources, showcase innovations, and enrich deliberations by providing the industry with an international exhibition and conference platform.

As we know that wind and solar are intermittent sources of energy, the concept of the hybrid renewable energy plant is to bring them together to provide a more stable solution. The hybrid plant also has a component called storage, which helps store the excess energy produced which can be used later when either solar, or wind are running low. This helps provide a much efficient renewable energy solution.

hfe 1  

The HFE technical team explained us the concept and our team got really excited about showcasing such a powerful concept using Augmented Reality as a medium. We were given details information of how different systems work in harmony with each other. We then converted the entire concept into a rule engine based application that runs in Augmented Reality. 3D models of different components whether it be wind, solar, storage or Pooling Station all have animations attached to them and are these animations are run based on the component state, e.g the wind turbine speed increases with the increase in wind velocity, or the energy transfer stops in case the plant availability is 0.


(KEPLER Team @REI Expo 2018)  

All in all it was a roller coaster ride, from understanding the minute details of the system, to the last minute changes, to the look and feel of the application. It was a great experience and the response from the people who experienced it at REI has given us more boost to keep creating more Augmented applications in future.