Idea2Life – AI Powered Prototyping tool

  • Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Prototyping a web application is more about ideas than mere sketching wireframes. It is quite common to see the initial excitement around prototypes dwindling due to high prototype costing. The biggest barrier to effective prototyping is time and cost. idea2Life is an AI powered rapid prototyping to lower the barrier of prototyping.

With Idea2Life, it is possible to create fully functional static websites by clicking a picture (from its web based UI) of a layout of standard web components like Video, Images, Herder, Footer, Paragraphs, Carousel etc. Powered by deep learning and our intelligent layout algorithm, the website generated will be responsive and will adapt to varying resolutions.



The UI also give an option to export a webpage which will automatically open the rendered page on a new tab, host the site within docker container, and generate a public folder which you can directly push to your own personal website or serve via your own server.

Creating a website from the layout is a 3 setup process:

  1. When a picture is clicked, our deep neural network (currently using YOLO v2) will detect and mark the positions of individual web components.
  2. The layout algorithm will use detection data to generate a layout tree for the design
  3. The rendering engine will render nodes of the layout tree based on the configuration of individual components

The global theme (.css) and also the assets used can be customized/changed based on the client requirements. Therefore it is easy to use Idea2Life across multiple businesses.

Prototyping well is an essential contributor to the speed of innovation efforts. Actually, the genius behind prototyping lies in the quickness of execution and exploration. Idea2Life makes prototyping and sharing blazing fast.