enhan(t) - A note taking tool


The COVID-19 pandemic is defining the global crisis of our time. Businesses are facing greatest challenges and have realised the need to transform digitally. Virtual meetings & e-learning have become more important than ever. Multiple platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Jitsi, Microsoft Teams have emerged in the midst of this and businesses are using them aggressively. Though the tools are many, they all lack efficient and smart means of note-taking. This is where enhan(t) is useful.

enhan(t) is an open source extension, available for both chrome and firefox, that makes you super productive with the existing video conferencing solutions like Google Meet, Zoom, MS Teams and Jitsi. enhan(t) is enabled on these video conferencing platforms out-of-the-box but users can enable it on any site as per their requirement. With enhan(t) users can do the following:

  • Bookmark to capture an important time in meeting.
  • Capture screenshots (full screen or selected area) to take a timestamped screenshot of the tab.
  • Take notes smartly using their voice.
  • Annotate the content within the tab with Pen, Highlight and Text tools.
  • Delete a note from the timeline.
  • Download notes as a zip file.
  • View data on a dashboard.

enhan(t) can be used during your sales calls, product walkthrough, interviews and online learning as well.

Below is a short demo video for enhan(t) :

enhan(t) data visualizer:

Once users have downloaded the zip file using the enhan(t) chrome extension, they can upload the zip on the dashboard here:

This will create a quick visualiser for the data captured, and in the context of the meeting. Users can see information such as the meeting start time, duration of the meeting and all the data being contextualised in the context of the meeting. The users can also upload the video recording (if available) to see captured notes on top of the video timeline. This gives a good indication of important moments in the meeting. Below is a snapshot of how the visualisation looks like for a sample data :

Sample visualisation

Use Cases:

1. Meetings:

enhant(t) was develop to provide an efficient mechanism for note taking in the context of meetings. The meeting data dashboard viewer represents that context with additional information like the duration of the meeting, the timestamp when notes were captured relative to its start.

2. E-learning platform:

enhan(t) can be used in e-learning platforms like Udemy, Coursera, Udacity etc. To enable enhan(t) on these platforms right-click on the enhan(t) icon on the chrome toolbar

and then click on options. This will open a page in a new tab and is called the “enhan(t) options” page. Here you can see the currently whitelisted sites, remove them or add a new URL.

3. Personal Use:

enhan(t) has evolved over time to be a note taking tool and not just in the context of meetings. This allows users to use enhan(t) on any site like Wikpedia, Youtube etc for their specific use case.

Additional resources:

To get started with enhan(t) in 2 minutes install the extension from here:

and use the getting started guide here:

For any feature request or issues, reach out here: