Expanding the Touch – Connecting Print Magazine to Digital Content

  • Thursday, Mar 1, 2018

Have a thought? What can be a more powerful medium of expression than storytelling? You wonder.

“Interactive storytelling.”

At Kepler, we keep experimenting with technology that enables us to tell stories in a way that makes a mark. You are more connected with an idea, a thought, or a story if you could interact, play with it. We started experimenting with an idea recently. So, how could we bridge the gap between printed content and digital media? While looking for a solution, we tested multiple ideas.

One idea was to experiment with aluminum sheets to extend the touch interface of a mobile screen to a physical magazine. We used low-cost materials to validate the physics behind conductivity and how that can be utilized to extend the touch functionality to the physical world. The following video shows a hack we came up with.



We used the same conductive material to deliver another phygital experience. We took an used cylindrical chips-box, mounted a camera on it and built a trigger to make this experience in the next video.