CreateAR – when, AR and AI meet

  • Monday, Jun 3, 2019

We all have played the games like Mario and candy crush saga or so called 2d games. The next level of games have already hit the market, we call then 3d games for e.g. counterstrike and PUBG. And now yet another twist has come to the gaming world with AR and VR.

  • So, is all the innovation done or is there another level to this?
  • Can we think beyond what’s already created?
  • Will this again impact the marketing campaigns of various brands?
  • How will this find its way in mainstream?

This thought acted as a seed for our new project where we tried to showcase the power of AR with AI    


In the installation, we integrated object detection with augmented reality and allowed the player to create their own custom levels.

This kind of implementation opens a whole lot of new channels for AR being utilized in various industries and not just for marketing but at many different levels.