À la carte – A multiuser restaurant food ordering app

  • Wednesday, Dec 12, 2018

Half of the times, when we go to a restaurant, the names in the menu are confusing enough for us to take a decision. To add on to that we are not sure about the quantity of the food we are ordering. Many a times it happens that we end up ordering food which we don’t like or much more quantity then intended, leading to wastage of food and a bad user experience. Can something be done?

A la carte

À la carte is the rescuer – the solution to our restaurant dine in problems.

Ordering the same dish multiple times(over ordering or maybe ordering the wrong food). The app uses AR as a medium to showcase the correct portions of the food on the your table using 3d models of the food items. You can see your consolidated order in the app. It helps you figure out if the the dish is appealing enough to you.

À la carte helps you share your food order session with your friends and you all can explore and prepare a list of food items you would like to order.