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enhan(t) - A note taking tool

The COVID-19 pandemic is defining the global crisis of our time. Businesses are facing greatest challenges and have realised the need to transform digitally.

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Latest Experiments

Chorus – A Music Jamming Experience

Augmented Reality is considered to be the future of experience. AR provides an immersive experience into a land of imaginations that otherwise would not have been possible to experience.

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How To Stay Relevant In 2030

How To Stay Relevant In 2030 “Robot kills colleague at volksvagen”, This news was everywhere in 2015 fuelling the intense speculation about robots taking over the world.

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Our Team

Alok Kumar

Alok Kumar


Director of engineering and innovation, with extensive experience in driving cutting edge fast paced innovations to help build AI-first organisation. He is a full stack AI practitioner and a certified architect with demonstrated track record of architecting large-scale solutions.

Harry Samson

Harry Samson

Senior Manager

Resident tinkerer at Kepler. An expert in physical computing, you can mostly find him in the lab, exploring various technologies. His passion is to enable the creation of experiences which blur the boundaries of physical and digital.

Mayank Jain

Mayank Jain


AI developer in Kepler lab with expertise in and Machine Learning and Computer vision. He likes to spend most of his time working on problems involving how to make computers see and think using techniques like Deep learning, image processing, NLP etc.

Nitin Katyal

Nitin Katyal

Senior Associate | Full Stack Developer

Resident Full Stack Developer at Kepler. Nitin has penchant for Algorithms and Design Patterns, with expertise in creating full stack applications based on Python-Django and NodeJS. He likes to spend time learning about and working on scalable and robust frameworks.

Parul Bansal

Parul Bansal


Parul is an Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality expert at Kepler Lab(R&D wing) at Publicis. Sapient, India. Currently, she is working on exploring new opportunities on how can feature from different XR frameworks can be used to get even better experiences.

About Us

We're Creative

We are a bunch of curious and creative technologists who band together in an innovation lab called Kepler at Publicis.Sapient India. Experience sutra is a journal of our work and experiments.

We're Professional

We collaborate with our clients to create working prototypes which are meant to showcase the feasibilty of an idea or experiment. We open source some of our work as well for the community.

We're Explorers

The focus of kepler is to explore and experiment with emerging technologies to identify new mediums for story-driven experiences, and create working prototypes for the same.

Contact Us

Contact Details

We are a curious bunch of creative technologist band together in an innovation lab called kepler at Publicis.Sapient. Experience sutra is a journal of our work and experiments. The focus of kepler is to explore and experiment emerging technologies to identify new mediums for story-driven experiences. The best way to understand and explore the future of experience and interface is to share ideas and knowledge. If you have questions or you think we can help you in your project, please feel free to drop us a note.

Kepler186f, Sapient, Tower A, Building 2, Unitech Infospace, Sector 21, Gurgaon