The word sutra is a Sanskrit term that means, “Rule”.  Sutras represent the important teachings that postdate the time of their creation.

Experience sutras are the new rules for creating consumer experiences that are engaging, natural and playful.  IOT and new media technologies are pushing the storytelling medium from screens to physical world and it mandates new sutras.

The future of experience is natural. The interaction model will no longer be restricted to screens and computers will have to adapt to human behaviors and needs. This is disruptive because so far in order to interact with digital systems one had to be digitally literate. Merging of computing with physical environment presents wonderful opportunity of creating experiences that connect with multiple human senses.

The purpose of this blog is to research,understand and share our thoughts on next generation multi sensory experiences. We will showcase our work and ideas that leverages the new media and medium to create natural experiences.

In our opinion new media and medium is just like web in 94 when no body knew  what to do with it but eventually we now understand the power of it. New medium and media will take the same route albeit very fast to become indispensable. Experience sutra is an effort to enable one to take that journey with lesser failures.