PROJECTS Interactive wall of stories Interactive wall of stories Stories are always fascinating and is considered to be the best form of communication. However they still have the problem of one sided conversation. We at kepler lab believe that Read More
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EXPERIMENTS From Emotion to Experience – Wall in Love From Emotion to Experience – Wall in Love   “When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion.” ~Dale Carnegie Emotions are primal, more so than spoken words. Even without Read More
EXPERIMENTS ZooYou ZooYou One of our colleague recently had to face considerable embarrassment at a retail store and vowed not to visit any store until her daughter was little more grown up. Right now Read More
PROJECTS Objectable in Bangaluru maker faire Objectable in Bangaluru maker faire The Maker Movement has many definitions, but all of them bring across the same of notion of empowering a person to be more than just a consumer of products. It Read More
PROJECTS XT Stone – Build Your Profile XT Stone – Build Your Profile Around 1.5 Million engineers graduate every year in India but yet there is a high shortage of developers. It takes companies 4-5 month on an average to fill their technologist Read More
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